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Developers & real estate divisions of large construction groups

Institutional & Private investors

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Real estate corporate end users

Fund and asset managers, real estate financing

Maintenance and technical services companies

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Recruiting for…

Developers & real estate divisions of large construction groups

Private residential development

  • Profit center managers (office, agency, region, country…). General Managers.
  • Real estate program and development directors and managers…
  • Technical directors and managers.
  • Sales and marketing directors and managers – studies, head of sales.
  • Directors, programme and development managers for managed residences (students, hotels, nursing homes, community health projects).

Commercial and mixed use development, large-scale projects

  • CEOs.
  • Programme, operation and development directors and managers.
  • Large-scale projects managers.
  • Head of development.
  • Head of investor relations.
  • Corporate relations and «turnkey sales» directors and managers.
  • Technical directors design & construction.

Institutional and private investors, hedge funds, real estate financing

  • Asset and investment directors and managers, investment analysts.
  • Head of development and investment.
  • Fund managers, fund controllers, portfolio managers.
  • Head of asset management, asset managers.
  • Network sales managers, product managers, real estate mutual funds.
  • Head of real estate financing, debt funds development.
  • Head of structured finance.
  • Account managers, real estate development financing, structured finance, securitization.
  • Middle office account manager.
  • Director of local authorities financing.

Support functions

  • Head of Legal & directors.
  • CFO and finance managers, Head of Accounting, corporate secretary, Head of central services.
  • Product & quality directors and managers.
  • Partner and non-partner notaries specialized in complex real estate transactions.
  • Head of innovation.